Dragan Pesikan

Dragan Pešikan is a media executive and producer with over 25 years of experience on television. Following several years working as a journalist for print media, in 1993. he joined the sports department of Channel 3 (“3K”) of Radio-Television Serbia (The National Public Broadcaster), as journalist and commentator. In 1994. he moved to the film department where he created the TV magazine “Short cuts” covering international film events.

From October 2000. to May 2006. he was Deputy General Manager of Channel 3 overseeing development and production of various broadcast programmes. At the same time he was the head of the Film and TV series programming for the channel.

During his time at Channel 3 he was creator, co-creator and producer of the biggest projects undertaken in the history of the channel, including: “3K Rejoicing”, “3K Check-In”, “General rehearsal”, “Candid Camera: No anger please”. He was also credited as director and producer of a number of documentary travelogues for 3K: “Simply the Best”, “Scandinavian”, “On the Other Side of the World”, “Spanish adventure “, “NBA – Spirit of the game”.



Films as executive producer


Years of experience on television


Years specialised in film production

Since 2006. he worked as production manager and Head of commentators at Eurosport Serbia.
In 2009, he served as Sports Director of the biggest sporting event ever hosted in Serbia, Universiade Belgrade 2009., and the same year, as general manager, he conceived and set-up (programing, organization and technology) the first High Definition TV station in the region: “TV ARENA SPORT”.

Jelena, Katarina, Marija
The Fucking dog – Prokleti pas

In the last ten years he has specialised in film production: executive producing the feature film “Jelena, Katarina, Marija” (which was shot entirely on location in New York City); producing documentary Cinema Komunisto (Internationally the most award-winning documentary film from Serbia), and producing feature film “The F#@king Dog” (he is also a screenwriter and film director).

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